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How Do You Prevent Mold After Water Damage to Carpet in East Hemet, CA? Water Extraction, Drying & More

A serious problem is everyone knows that excessive mold in your home. Since its presence can also irritate your lungs, eyes, and skin, mold and mildew growth damage are preferably avoided, not to mention, it can ruin the carpets. Today, we at Palm Springs Carpet Cleaners would like to offer some tips for mold prevention…

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Fresh & Dried Blood Stain Removal from Carpets in El Cerrito, CA; Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning & More

Generally, most people think of wine, juice or chocolate—or maybe pets or small children having accidents when it comes to carpet stains. For those that experience bleeding on their clothes, most people know that blood stains are among the toughest stains. Though it is easier if you are able to treat the stain while the…

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What Causes Carpet Odors in Valle Vista, CA? Damp, Dog Pee, Cigarette Smoke, Drink Spills & More

Carpets are commonly producing odors. Before the odors can be effectively removed, odors are often derived from an underlying issue that requires attention. Visitors can be easily distracted and even uncomfortable being in your home with overpowering odors. When they have returned home after being away for more than a couple of hours, sometimes homeowners…

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Carpet Cleaning FAQ in Highgrove, CA; How Often Should You Clean Carpets with Pets, Kids & More

Requiring care and maintenance for carpets to last, quality carpets are an investment you want to preserve. Carpets are a common option for homeowners to cover the subfloor as it gives flooring comfort and to finish the room’s style. Tending to spills immediately, daily vacuuming, and professional carpet cleaning are the basic fundamentals of carpet…

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