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What is Removed During Carpet Cleaning in Mead Valley, CA; Get Dust, Dirt, Allergens, Stains & More

Too frequently, professional carpet cleaning is viewed as a luxury service only used on special occasions. For residential services, experts agree that the carpets undergo a professional cleaning at least once a year and more often if there is excessive foot traffic and/or occupants have asthma and allergy issues. In homeowner’s regular maintenance it is…

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Why is Upholstery Cleaning Important in Cherry Valley, CA; Make Sofa Look New, Health, Air Quality & More

When they hire a carpet cleaning service, most people don’t put much thought into having their upholstery cleaned. You are likely spending more time in your favorite armchair than sprawled out on your living room floor though your carpets have more square footage. There are several other great reasons to consider, but this alone is…

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Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary After Bugs, Wild Animals & Other Pests Get into Ductwork in Indian Wells, CA?

In order to keep the home comfortable, the ductwork is designed to deliver warm or cool air into every room depending on the season. Air ducts also make a convenient passageway for pests though these ducts are an important element to the HVAC system. Getting the ducts clean is vital to prevent serious health risks…

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How Do You Treat Carpet Wicking & Get Rid of Recurring Stains on Carpets in Canyon Lake, CA?

It can be frustrating to feverishly work on removing a stain, thinking you have succeeded, only to find has manifested a little while later. Due to something called wicking, this phenomenon commonly shows the persistent spots. Today, we at Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning would like further to discuss why carpet stains return. What is Carpet…

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How Do I Make My Matted Carpets Fluffy Again in Idyllwild-Pine Cove, CA? Steam Carpet Cleaning & More

The least of your problems is the unpleasantness of how crushed carpets looks. When having matted carpet in your home there are copious amounts of dust, debris, and dirt trapped in between the carpet fibers. To help maintain your carpet, a trusted professional taking care of your carpet’s professional maintenance is a must. Matted carpets…

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