How Do You Get Dark Stains Out of Hardwood Floors in Riverside, CA? Floor Cleaning, Stain Removal & More

As your family lives in your home day in and day out stains are impossible to avoid. Even the most careful of housekeepers are unable to keep stains out. So when these stains pop up what do you do? Many times we will go to our tried and true cleaning products and start scrubbing right away. When the stains occur on our hardwood floors we are not always as sure how on earth we are going to get them off. Palm Springs Carpet Cleaners has put together some amazing tips and tricks for you to try today.
One of the most important parts of being able to successfully get stains out is to catch the stain right away. The longer that a stain sits on your hardwood flooring the harder that it will be to get out. Tell your family members that if they spill something that you need to know right away. If your family all knows to tell you right away about anything that they spill you should be able to catch spills right away and successfully clean them up.

Clean Newly Stained Hardwood Floors Right Away

Once you see the stain you will want to pick the correct cleaning product for the best results possible. Many times the best option is to start with a clean, damp rag. A damp rag is frequently all you need if you catch the spill right away. If that does not work you may want to remember the following tips. Vinegar works well on wine. Ammonia is great for stubborn stains. Chlorine is an excellent option for removing stains with any type of dye. Make sure that you do not use ammonia and chlorine at the same time though. If none of the other options work you may want to try this tip. This one requires hydrogen peroxide and a clean rag. First you will want to soak your cotton rag with hydrogen peroxide. Put the wet rag on the stain. Let it sit on the stained area to allow the hydrogen peroxide to bleach out the stain. After a few minutes you will want to remove the rag and wipe up the hydrogen peroxide. Many times this method will work well on stains that have worked their way onto your hardwood flooring. The risk of this tip is that it could bleach your hardwood floor.

Should Stubborn Stains Be Sanded Out of Hardwood Floors?

The only surefire way to get rid of stains on your hardwood floor is to sand and refinish your flooring. Doing this is strenuous and time consuming work but the results are amazing. It will make your flooring look brand new all over again. Many people choose to refinish their hardwood flooring even if they do not have stains on it just to give their flooring new life. In addition to looking amazing refinishing your hardwood floors will also increase your property value. Flooring is one of the top things that people look at when they are looking for a new home.

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