Carpet Cleaning FAQ in Highgrove, CA; How Often Should You Clean Carpets with Pets, Kids & More

Requiring care and maintenance for carpets to last, quality carpets are an investment you want to preserve. Carpets are a common option for homeowners to cover the subfloor as it gives flooring comfort and to finish the room’s style. Tending to spills immediately, daily vacuuming, and professional carpet cleaning are the basic fundamentals of carpet maintenance contribute to ensure the carpets last in good health and condition. We at Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning would like to answer some of the frequently asked questions consumers have since carpet cleaning from a professional play a major role in the care of your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Questions & Answers

What is the average rate for a carpet cleaning service?
When researching a professional carpet cleaning service, most homeowners notice a range in pricing. Especially when compared to having to frequently replace neglected carpets, the cost of this service is relatively inexpensive since they compete with their competitors often.
How much time does the technician need to clean the carpets?
There are many circumstances that dictate the time it takes to complete a service since there is no definitive answer. A few examples of these factors include how many rooms are being cleaned, the size of the carpets, how much buildup there is, and what method the technician is using. Before they start ask the technician for an estimated time frame.
When I get my carpets cleaned are daily routines interrupted?
Most companies accommodate their customers and schedule services convenient to them, however, carpet cleaning services can mildly intrusive into day-to-day living. It is important that no one walks on it until it is completely dry, and it can be somewhat disruptive.
How often should professional carpet cleaning be scheduled?
It is recommended that carpets get professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months. In order to maintain the longevity, condition, and aesthetics of your carpets, manufacturers and industry experts agree 1-2 times a year is necessary. Some warranties will not be honored without proof of routine professional carpet cleaning as well.
At the end of the carpet cleaning service, how soon can my family walk on the carpets?
It is best to wait 48 hours and regular foot traffic is safe once the carpet is fully dry, between 6 and 8 hours prior to replacing heavy furniture
Before the carpet cleaner arrives, should I do any prep?
Dog beds, area rugs, dog beds, toys, and other objects from the rooms need to be removed. Remove light furniture and heavy furniture to maximize the results if possible. Especially the ones left on furniture left in the room clear out the breakables.
Can pet odors be neutralized with professional cleaning services?
The most effective solution to remove pet odors from the carpet is professional carpet cleaning. Few professionals will guarantee the removal, usually derived of urine, due to the potential of severe damage.
Can professional carpet cleaning terminate a flea infestation?
Though they are unable to guarantee removal of fleas as they can be everywhere besides carpets and require the aid of professional pest control, fleas can be helped with professional carpet cleaning.

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