How Do You Get Really Bad Smells Out of Carpets in Palm Springs, CA? Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning!

There isn’t anyone that wants to come home and notice that their house is smelling “off”. The smells can come from trash cans that are full, dirty shoes and clothes or even your own carpet. The carpet in your home can act like a sponge and like other textiles they catch those smells that are around your house and emit them. The smells can start to seem like everyday life but the best way to notice it is after you have been gone for some time. The time that you are away you can get a fresh smell on the home to determine if the smell is really an issue. If you think that your home is smelling because of the odors on your carpet you can take some steps to avoid and or correct it. You need to do it the right way to ensure that you are not just masking the smells. Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning lists helpful ways to reduce the bad smells in your carpets.

Make a Homemade Odor Absorber?

If you are not happy with the smell of your carpets and you want to freshen them up you can do some work at home. Many of the items that you need can be found already in your home. Start with a mixture of baking soda and an essential oil. You can choose an oil that you like most such as lavender or even tea tree oil. The oil should be dripped into the baking soda and then the entire mixture is best stored in a bottle like a powder bottle. The kind that has a lid with small holes allows you to sprinkle the odor remover easier. You don’t want to go right out and use it but allow the powder to sit overnight and dry out. The baking soda is a natural odor removing by absorbing the material that is causing the odor. The oil is a great way to add that fresh smell to your home. Once the powder has been set out for a day you can start to use it. Sprinkle an even amount of the powder on your carpets that you are concerned are emitting the odor. Then allow the powder mixture to sit for about 15 minutes. Then use your vacuum to pull up the powder and the odor at the same time. If you want a different method you can use white vinegar in a spray bottle. You can spray the vinegar and allow it to dry. The smell off the bat will not smell great but is will help to absorb the smells once it has had time to dry.

Have Carpets Professionally Steam Cleaned

You can also have your carpets cleaned professionally. The carpet cleaning company will be able to pull the dirt, debris and pet stains as well as other odors during the steam cleaning process to help to keep the carpets clean and the smell much fresher.

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