Carpet Cleaning FAQ in Thermal, CA; Can it Remove Pet Urine & Odors, Common Prices & More

Quality carpets are an investment that requires care and maintenance for them to last. Giving the flooring comfort and to finish the room’s style, carpets are a common option for homeowners to cover the subfloor. To make sure the carpets last in good health and condition, daily vacuuming, tending to spills immediately, and professional carpet…

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High Traffic Pre Treatment Carpet Cleaner Solution in Coachella, CA for Heavily Soiled Carpets

You will often hear that you should pre-treat carpet before they are professionally steam cleaned. This is an essential step to efficiently clean your carpets. Many people that do their own carpet cleaning themselves, often skip the step of pre-treating their carpet and jump right into cleaning. This is a major mistake. Palm Spring Carpet…

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How to Clean & Remove Old Red Popsicle Stains from Carpet in Rancho Mirage, CA

The summer time is the season for refreshing cool treats, and no matter if you have children, or your inner child demands this delicious refreshing snack, popsicles are common to have in the home. Unfortunately, the popsicles can produce cringe-worthy and unsightly stains on carpets. But if you can quickly respond with just a touch…

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