What Causes Harmful Carpet Beetles & Mites in Indio, CA & How to Get Rid of Them

We’ve all had our fair share of run ins with the creepy crawlies that make their way into our homes. Every home has them and it seems, no matter how hard we try, more always seem to find their way inside. Some of these creepy crawlies are even naked to the human eye. Our carpets are home to carpet mites and carpet beetles. As disgusting as this may be, the damage they can cause to your home and belongings is enough to irritate any homeowner. Though it was once believed carpet beetles only lived in carpeted flooring, we now know they are ever present in homes with hardwood, tile and other hard floors. Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning would like to tell you about carpet mites, what causes carpet beetles to come into your home, and how to avoid infestations from occurring.

Are Carpet Beetles Harmful to Carpets?

Adult Carpet Beetles range in size from 1/10 inch to 3/16 inch in length. Most of them appear almost spotted or mottled with black, brown, or white depending on what type of beetle they are. Their larvae are similar to grubs and have thousands of tiny hairs on their little bodies. When they shed their skins, they leave little shells behind that eventually you may find. This is a tell-tale sign of an infestation. Carpet beetles are harmless to us, but they are not harmless to our homes. They are well-known for damaging carpets, leather, furs, silk, wool carpets or clothing, feathers, upholstery and other household items. They can go undetected for long periods of time, making themselves right at home where we walk, sleep, and lounge. Carpet beetles gather anywhere in the home where animal fibers are stored, this is a carpet beetle’s choice meal! Here or there, carpet beetles may also be found feeding on stored foods in your pantry or cupboards. They prefer dark, low traffic areas such as attics, air ducts, closets and of course under your carpets. They are mostly active in the Spring and Summer time and can even be found lingering around windows. These pests make their way into our homes through the smallest of cracks and crevices, windows, doors etc. They are attracted to gardens and other plant life found outside our homes but fly inside when it’s time to find more food. Carpet beetles can destroy carpets from bottom to top, they annihilate upholstered furniture and can chew through your wool sweaters, silk blouses and fur coats with no problem. So, what are some ways you can avoid a carpet beetle infestation in your home?

How to Prevent Carpet Beetle Infestations

1: Good Housekeeping: Vacuum and mop your floors regularly, be sure to keep your air filters clean.
2: Wash or dry clean clothing before storing away: Never store clothing away with untreated stains, this attracts carpet beetles.
3: When packing items for storage, be sure they are in airtight containers: Before you pack away any blankets, pillows, or clothing made from animal fibers, it would be smart to put them into sealed plastic bags, followed by placing them into airtight containers so carpet beetles have no way in.
4: Steam clean your carpets at least once a year: Steam cleaning your carpets will kill off unwanted pests lurking in your carpets, a consistent steam clean routine will significantly decrease the chances of carpet beetles making your home theirs.

Carpet Mite Allergy Symptoms

Carpet mites are so tiny, you can’t see them with the human eye. They are in the arachnid family and have eight legs. They are highly adapted to surviving in households and feed off dust and particles of human skin. They live all over our homes including in our couches, beds, carpets, even our kids teddy bears! No matter how clean your home is, you can be sure you have dust mites in your home. Though some believe they bite, they in fact do not. If you have an allergy to dust mites, they can cause irritation to your skin, runny nose, sneezing or coughing. For those who suffer with asthma or COPD dust mites may cause chest tightness or wheezing. Steam cleaning your home will eliminate dust mites from your home.

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If you suspect a carpet beetle infestation in your home, call the experts at Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning to come and inspect your home for signs of damage and to determine just what type of pest you are dealing with, while suggesting a proper care routine and action plan to rid your home of the infestation at hand. Contact us to schedule professional carpet cleaning today.

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