How to Clean & Remove Old Red Popsicle Stains from Carpet in Rancho Mirage, CA

The summer time is the season for refreshing cool treats, and no matter if you have children, or your inner child demands this delicious refreshing snack, popsicles are common to have in the home. Unfortunately, the popsicles can produce cringe-worthy and unsightly stains on carpets. But if you can quickly respond with just a touch of effort on your part, you can combat these stains. Today, we at Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning would like to share a couple of methods that can remove the popsicle stains from your carpet.

Perform Cleaning Test Patch on Carpet

It is important to mention before you start treating these stains that whether you opt to use a mixture listed below or a commercial carpet cleaning product, that you perform a patch test in a spot that is out of the way and not noticeable should the effects lighten or even damage your carpet fibers.

Hydrogen Peroxide Method to Remove Popsicle Stains from Carpet

Peroxide has lightening ability that can lighten the color of your carpet, use cautiously and at your own risk. Being diluted should not affect the carpet, but the potential is still present. Collect a few plain, white rags or cloths, avoid colored or printed cloths as the dye and print can transfer to the carpet during treatment, equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide and a squirt bottle.
1) Allow room for fizzing but add equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water in the squirt bottle and shake well.
2) Considering the ingredients used, only lightly spray the stain and avoid making the carpet too wet, it should be mildly damp. Allow the mixture to sit on the stain. Larger stains should not exceed 30 minutes and smaller stains should only need 10-15 minutes.
3) Use pure water to dampen a cloth or mist the area with water so it is lightly damp. By this time, the area should be noticeably faded.
4) Blot the excess moisture out along with the popsicle residues with a white cloth. If necessary, rinse out the rag absorbing the popsicle or use a new cloth to continue blotting until the stain is lifted.
5) After the stain is gone, use a dry, white towel or rag to blot out the excess moisture; you need the carpet as dry as possible. To return the fibers back to their normal state, vacuum the area once it has fully dried.

Oxi-Clean Popsicle Stain Removal

Do not use Oxi-clean with bleach, that can lighten your carpets and ensure you perform a patch test after you have the solution ready. You will need a spray bottle, 16oz water and ½ cup of Oxi-clean, a few white cloths and a dry towel. Ensure the implements are white as the dyes and print can transfer to carpets.
1) In your squirt bottle, combine the water and Oxi-clean and shake the mixture well.
2) Administer the solution to the popsicle spot and let it sit for 5-15 minutes, depending on the severity of the stain.
3) Lightly dampen the area by using a water-damp cloth or pure water in a spray bottle; the inflicted area should be damp only. Use a cloth to blot the stain and either rinse or replace the cloth as needed.
4) Once the stain is removed, blot with more pressure the remaining moisture from the carpet by using your dry towel.
5) After the carpet is fully dry, vacuum to relax the fibers to their original state.

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