High Traffic Pre Treatment Carpet Cleaner Solution in Coachella, CA for Heavily Soiled Carpets

You will often hear that you should pre-treat carpet before they are professionally steam cleaned. This is an essential step to efficiently clean your carpets. Many people that do their own carpet cleaning themselves, often skip the step of pre-treating their carpet and jump right into cleaning. This is a major mistake. Palm Spring Carpet Cleaners would like to share why pre-treating carpet is essential and how to prepare and pre-treat carpets before cleaning them.

Why Carpet Pretreatment is Necessary

Pre-treating carpet has its many benefits; it can make carpet cleaning go much faster and it also provides much better results. Pre-treating carpets can help remove the tougher stains and dirt. Keep in mind, there are different pre-treatments for different carpet problems. You may find some pre-treatments that target dirt, stains, blood stains, grease and odors. Pre-treatment solvents can also help loosen dirt down to a microscopic scale loosening small particles. Pre-treating carpet doesn’t just make cleaning the carpet go faster, and make it easier to remove stains, it also ensures carpets are cleaner by removing the unseen particle and contaminants.

How to Pretreat Heavily Soiled Carpets & Carpet Stains Before Steam Cleaning

Step 1.Vacuum: Before you ever clean or pre-treat carpet, you will need to vacuum the carpet first. Vacuum the carpet in multiple directions to loosen and remove as much of the dirt, hair and particles in the carpet as possible. It is recommended you vacuum the carpet twice if not three times to make sure your carpets as are free from dirt and debris as you can get them. Make sure to clean the entire carpet including the edges to remove all of the hair and dirt. You don’t want to pick up any hair during the steam cleaning or chem-dry cleaning process.
Step 2. Apply Carpet Pretreatment: Next you will want to apply the pre-treatment cleaning solutions. Before you apply the solution, make sure to read the label carefully. Make sure you use the right pre-treatment solution. Many are designed for different types of material, such as rugs, upholstery and carpets. Some pre-treatments may only be used for different types of carpets. Therefore, it is essential to know your carpet type and use the right pre-treatment solution. Follow manufacturer directions for application and apply the pre-treatment solution as directed. Each pre-treatment cleaning solution varies of application as well as duration. Make sure you allow the allotted time for the pre-treatment to do its job before you begin cleaning the carpet. Many pre-treatments can also help fight odor. Depending on the needs of your carpet, see what the pre-treatment solution does such as remove difficult stains, dirt, and/or odors.

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Pre-treating your carpet can help clean your carpets deeper and more efficiently with a better outcome. If you want clean carpets, make sure to always pre-treat your carpet first. If you need help cleaning your carpet and want the help of a professional, then contact Palm Spring Carpet Cleaners. We provide carpet cleaning services and can help clean, remove stains and odors from your carpets. To schedule our services contact Palm Spring Carpet Cleaners today.

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