How to Clean & Remove Ballpoint, Printer & Other Ink Stains from Carpet in Riverside, CA

If you have a stain on your carpets you want to make sure you know the best method to clean it. There are some stains that require a specialty method to make sure they are treated. If you happen to use a method that is not right it can end up setting the stain and making it near impossible to remove. When it comes to a mess like mud it has to be allowed to dry before you start to clean it off. If you have a wine stain it is important to clean it as quickly as possible. The majority of stains need to be treated right away. There are times you cannot get to the mess right away and that can make the treatment harder. One of the stains you will have to treat properly is an ink stain. The ink that is in the pens and the markers that you use can leak. The ink is meant to be used to essentially stain the paper. That is why it is important to know the best way to treat the ink stain. Palm Springs Carpet Cleaners outlines what you can do to remove ink from your carpet.

Remove Ink from Carpet with Hairspray

If you have a pen that you are using there is no guarantee that it will not leak. The ink can leak out of the barrel and end up on your hands and potentially on your carpet. Ink can be a hard stain to clean. You want to make sure you have a way to pull it away from the carpet fibers. If you are able to get to the ink stain quickly you can use the hairspray method. You want to purchase aerosol hairspray and spray it over the stain. This will work to pull the stain off the carpet and allow you to dab at it with a clean cloth. You will notice that the ink and hairspray will combine and pull away from the carpet. This is the best way to not allow the ink to spread any further. Once you are done with the cleaning process you will want to wash the carpet in that area with water and soap. After it has dried you can continue to live as normal.

Get Ink Out of Carpet with Rubbing Alcohol

If you have an ink stain that has come from a more permanent ink source such as a marker you want to use a different cleaning method. You can use rubbing alcohol and a cloth to pull the ink away from the carpet. You want to apply the rubbing alcohol to the cloth and then dab at the spot. This will work to pull the ink from the carpet and you can switch to a clean part of the cloth and repeat the process. You can then use water and soap to clean the area once it has been done.

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Lastly you want to call a professional that can come out to your house and clean the spots that you are not able to treat. They can then clean the rest of the carpet to give you a soft, clean and beautiful finish. Palm Springs Carpet Cleaners can come out to your house and treat for unwanted stains. Call us today to make your next appointment.

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