How to Clean & Remove Old Cooking Grease Stains from Carpet in Cathedral City, CA

Summertime is often geared to BBQs. A useful event for families and gatherings, BBQs are where fried foods and good times come together. With the increase of having fried foods readily available, carpets are at a higher risk to be victimized by dropped fried foods spotting the carpets with the food grease. If not immediately treated, grease can be hard to remove so treating it promptly is essential to prevent unsightly stains. With that in mind, we at Palm Springs Carpet Cleaners would like to offer a way to remove the food grease spot from your carpets.

Carpet Stain Remover Tools & Equipment

Collect the items listed below to treat the food grease (be sure to use the cleaner appropriate for the type of carpet you have):
– Cleaning Solution: Prepare the below solutions in a spray bottle for easy application.
• Oriental – 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts cold water mixed well.
• Synthetic – 4 cups cold water, 1 tbsp ammonia, and ¼ tsp of mild liquid dish soap stirred well together.
• Wool – Invest in a carpet dry-cleaning solvent; follow the manufacturers’ directions.
– Spray bottle with pure, cold water.
– A few rags or paper towels that are plain white.
– Heavy objects to use as weights.
– Dry towel.
– Vacuum.
Note: A patch test is strongly recommended before treating the grease food stain, whether you opt to try a DIY formula or a commercial product to ensure the carpets color or integrity is not negatively impacted. Patch test should be done in an inconspicuous location in case there are ill-effects.

How to Get Grease Stains out of Carpet

1) Never scrub or rub the treated area, doing so will only spread out the grease and push it deeply into the fibers, making it more of a problem; only blot. Use your paper towels or rags to absorb as much of the excess grease as possible; start on the outer rims and work towards the center for better containment.
2) Let the selected treatment sit for 5 minutes after applying it moderately to the grease stain, be careful not to make the area too wet.
3) As you treat the spot, be sure to have several paper towels or rags. Depending on the volume, it may take a few rags to remove the stain as you go. Repeat application and blotting until the stain is efficiently removed.
4) Rinse the cleaning solution residue by applying the pure water to the area, do not make it wet, just damp, and use a dry cloth/towel to absorb the excess moisture.
5) Place a dry towel on the damp area along with weighted objects to collect the moisture beneath the carpe. Leave it for several hours or overnight.
6) After the area is completely dry vacuum the area to relax the fibers.

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Where food grease stains can be challenging to remove, especially if they had the opportunity to set in, professional assistance can ensure the grease removal. Call Palm Springs Carpet Cleaners today to remove the food grease from off the carpet.

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