How Do I Get Dried Blood Out of Carpet in Woodcrest, CA? When to Clean, What Temperature Water & More

You want to make sure you have a plan to take care of the carpet in your house. This means you need to be ready for a wide variety of stains and spots that can possibly come up. The issue is there are many things that can happen so it can be hard to know what to prepare for. The great thing is there are some stains that are hard to treat and are possibly an issue so you can get a plan in line. You also might see stains that are more common during different seasons and during the spring and the summer kids tend to be more active outdoors and that can lead to an injury. They can come in with a bloody nose or a scrapped knee. These are things that can end up getting blood on your carpet. Blood on your carpet is something that you should be prepared to clean and remove. If you do not use a method that is tried it can cause the stain to set in or the stain to be hard to remove. Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning outlines what you can do to remove blood from your carpet.

When to Clean Blood Stains

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you know when to start cleaning certain types of stains. There are some stains that you should wait on and allow to dry before you should attempt to clean it up. When it comes to cleaning blood of course you want to take care of the injury that caused the blood to get on the carpet first. Then you want to get to cleaning as soon as possible. When dealing with most liquid stains such as blood you want to get to the stain quickly so that it is simpler to remove.

What Temperature Water to Get Blood Out? Hot or Cold?

Another tip that you want to make sure you know more about when cleaning blood off your carpet is what temperature water you should use. When it comes to many stains you want to use warm water to remove it from the carpet. Blood is not one of those things that you want to use warm water. The best thing you can do is to use cold water only to clean blood. The reason that you want to avoid using warm water is that the warmth will help to set the stain in the carpet and make it much more difficult to remove. The cold water allows you to clean and not cause the stain to seal into the carpet fibers.

How to Remove Blood Stains from Carpet

Now you want to use the cold water and mix in dish washing liquid. You can use a spray bottle to mix the cleaner then use it to spray over the area. This will loosen the stain from the carpet and then you want to press around the area with a clean cloth. This will pull the blood from the carpet and the stain can be removed.

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