How Do I Choose an Area Rug for Living Room or Other Area in Cabazon, CA? Best Size, Easy to Clean & More

When it comes to choosing the right area rug for your space, you need to consider the size of the rug above all else. While the design and color are important, if the size is wrong, the rug will look wrong. It is important that you know what size rugs work best in different spaces so that you can choose the right rug for yours. Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning is here to talk about different rug sizes and where you would most likely use them.

2×3 Area Rugs

This sized rug will look best in smaller spaces. Some of the best places to put a rug that is 2×3 would be your bathrooms, entryways and kitchens. This rug is one of the most functional sizes out there. When you purchase a 2×3 rug, you are thinking more about what it will do for you than what it will look like.

Runner Rugs

If you have a long space that will look strange with a large rug, but you would like some added comfort, a runner rug may be the answer. You can use runner rugs in spaces like bathrooms, in front of kitchen sinks, mudrooms and more.

5×8 Area Rugs

This medium-sized rug is perfect for smaller spaces like offices and living rooms. You need to make sure that the front legs of your furniture are resting on the rug to make sure the rug doesn’t look undersized for the space. This can be done in larger spaces if you use another rug and layer the two for the look that you are going for. If the space looks cramped with the legs of your furniture resting on the rug, you should consider getting a larger rug.

8×10 Area Rugs

By in large, 8×10 is the most common size chosen among homeowners. It is a size that works well in many settings. They are generally large enough that the furniture can rest on the rug and still look nice in the room. A queen bed can fit on the rug with space for the nightstands as well. Another common space for this sized rug is in the dining room. This is because many dining tables fit well on an 8×10 rug.

9×12 Area Rugs

Larger area rugs like a 9×12 rug work well in large, open spaces. If you have a home with an open floorplan, you would likely benefit from a rug at least 9×12. These rugs are large enough that furniture fits completely on the rug with space to spare around the perimeter. If you have an open floor plan, a large area rug like this can help you distinguish the space with no need for walls.

Area Rug, Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Cathedral City, Indio, Riverside & Coachella Valley, California

If you have area rugs in your home, it’s important to remember that they need to be professionally cleaned just like carpet does. This will extend their life and keep them stain free. At Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning, we offer area rug cleaning to keep your are rug like new. Call us today!

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