How to Remove Grease Stains, Dust Mites & Allergens from a Fabric Sofa or Couch in Corona, CA

Most homeowners realize the challenges of keeping their sofas in pristine condition, though there are many areas of the home that is easy to keep clean. Most people do a number of tasks on a routine basis, such as, scrubbing bathrooms, cleaning floors, doing the dishes and other routine chores. Though there are many chores to be done, few realize that there some extra tasks involved with keeping the sofa in pristine condition. When you know what is in the seemingly clean sofa, you will want to ensure the sofa is cleaned and cleaned often. Today, we at Palm Springs Carpet Cleaners would like to share some of the nasty things that are infesting your sofa.

1) Oil & Grease on Couch Fabric

Messy fingers and greasy, oily heads and bodies, grease and oils from food and substances, transfer easily to couches and other upholstery furniture. Causing unsightly spotting and staining as well as unsanitary conditions, the oils and grease are like magnets to dirt and substances as well as germs. With routine upholstery cleaning, in addition to deep sofa cleaning services, you can extend the longevity of your furniture and better control the potential germs as well as potential stains. The cleaning of your upholstery, especially deep cleaning, will prevent the oils and grease from accumulating.

2) Toxic Chemicals / Harmful Substances on Sofa

The sofa can be impacted by particles and residues float in the air, but inevitably the cleaning chemicals, paint particles, dust, and contaminates will find its way and settle on the surface of your home, including the sofa. These chemicals and other substances irritate your skin and damage the sofa are expertly removed during the cleaning process.

3) Dust Mites & Allergens on Microfiber Couch

Dust mites, along with their shed skins and fecal matter, thrive and accumulate in the soft upholstery fibers. Skin and eye irritation and allergy symptoms as well as asthma, and other serious respiratory issues are caused by the additional allergens. You can better manage the allergens that assault you, along with your routine efforts and a deep professional cleaning once or twice a year. Nearly all of the allergens and most of the airborne bacteria are removed with deep professional cleaning making the indoor air quality is improved from the as allergens removal from the upholstery and carpets.

4) Viruses / Bacteria on Upholstered Furniture

Most germs are easily spread as the upholstery is the perfect conductor simply by daily living. The sofa is the riskiest place in the home to be where germs are concerned as couches are a high traffic area as everyone, including kids and pets, often lounge, sit, eat, and play. Have the upholstery professionally cleaned every 6 months to 12 months to help keep the couch clean and sanitized, as well avoid spreading illnesses.

5) Mold on Couch

The soft upholstery fibers absorb moisture like a sponge, creating the perfect environment for mold to grow. Ailments can develop to overexposure to mol in addition to allergic reactions to those sensitive. Mold is not only unsightly, but it is a health concern and is unsanitary, making the need for its removal essential. To better protect you and your family, upholstery cleaning can remove the mold spores that can grow into mold.

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