Cleaning Carpet After High Traffic, Allergens & Mold of Summer in Moreno Valley, CA;

The abuse the summer had on the carpets may or may not be noticed, and as we head into fall and leave summer in the rearview mirror, there are many solutions to restore the carpets. We at Palm Springs Carpet Cleaners would like to elaborate on the summer impact of your carpets, the solutions, and preventative measures.

High Foot Traffic on Carpet

It is common for the foot traffic traipsing across the carpets to increase during the summer months. The increasing foot traffic also means the increase in particulates being tracked inside. The buildup of dirt and debris has likely settled below the surface, where an experienced professional can easily extract the filth with carpet cleaning services, and so doing, help relaxed any trampled carpet fibers down. In addition to the remedy, prevent the excessive buildup by ensuring you regularly vacuum, use walk-off mats, and implement the “no wearing shoes on carpet” rule.

Sun Fading of Carpet

The summer sunlight is far more intense, contributing to more damage with increase in color fading on your carpet. When the carpets fade, they look dingy, worn, dull, and old. The fibers not only fade, but can become damaged with continuous, long-term exposure. Where the carpets fading is typically a slow transition, the affects are not always noticed, and it takes furniture being moved to see the difference. Offer the carpets more protection to help prevent future sun damage by incorporating drapes, curtains and/or blinds as well as UV film protectors. Also, to even the wear, and if you can, be sure to change the furniture around.

Dust Mites & Allergens on Carpet

The summer season increases pest activity and summer allergens. More often than not, the insects and allergens are deposited in the carpets from the foot traffic, as well as from the pets. Make sure the grass is well-trimmed and walk-off mats are used with routine vacuuming habits.

Mold on Carpet

Even the dryer climates are susceptible from other moisture sources, and the microscopic mold spores can take seed and grow with the encouragement of the summer heat and humidity levels. The carpets commonly host microbes such as mold spores, mildew, bacteria with summer conditions. Contact with moisture from summer rain, the natural humid climates, or the kids coming in after swimming or playing in the sprinklers can factor mold growth. Mold growth on carpets is usually found beneath the carpet, as it prefers darkness. Where mold spores are not detectable with naked eye, they are not always noticed and with routine vacuuming, mold spores can be extracted. If you believe the carpets have been exposed to moisture during the past summer, it is in your better interests to invest in professional cleaning to extract the potential mold growth taking place beneath the surface. Look for any signs of mold growth. Where mold can be stealthy, some people have to trust their nose and if they smell the musty odor of mold, you need to find the source. Always ensure the carpets are kept dry and vacuum often.

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