Mystery Carpet Stain in Banning, CA? Cleaning Recurring Soiling & Wicking Stains on Carpets

The carpets in your house can end up with stains on them for many different reasons. When you have people in the house that are not being careful they can spill on your carpets. These stains can occur when you spill your drink or your toddler drops their lunch on the carpet. The stains that might appear on your carpets need to be treated with a specific method to make sure they are removed. The problem is that not everyone knows what to do and how to do it. A good option you have is to use professional cleaning services. They can treat the stains on your carpets as well as the rest of the carpet. It is a good way to care for the carpets and give them a long lasting look and feel. There are some stains that seem like they come back even after you have cleaned them. There are two main reasons that this might be happening to you. Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning outlines how to deal with carpet soiling and wicking.

Soiling After DIY Carpet Spot Cleaning

One of the reasons that a stain might come back once you have cleaned it is from soiling. The soiling is a term that is used when you have a stain that has been cleaned and after some time it comes right back. The problem is not that the stain has not been removed because it has. The stain usually is gone that was there originally but the process that was used left some residue. The residue that is left is usually in the same size and shape that the stain was originally. The residue is sticky and thicker than the rest of the carpet and that is why it is attracting dirt. The dirt and the dust that is on the carpets will be attracted to this spot and cause it to look like a stain again. It can seem like Deja vu but the stain is new and only due to the residue that is left.

Unexplained Wicking Stains on Carpets

Another reason you might end up with a stain that comes back up is called wicking. Wicking is actually the original stain that was there that you thought that you cleaned. The stain can have been something that has been allowed to soak into the carpet, backing and the padding. The stain that you cleaned was only on the surface and the underneath of the stain is still there. The stain may seem gone but it can then come back and you will need to try and clean it again.

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You want to make sure that if you have a stain that seems to keep coming back you clean them properly. You want to call out a professional to have them cleaned and the stains can be treated. This will prevent them from coming back and protect your carpets from dirt, dust and other debris. Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning can come out to your house to treat for reoccurring stains. Call us today!

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