Busting Upholstery Cleaning Myths in Menifee, CA; Hot Water, Cleaning Codes & More

In every industry there are myths that seem to develop over the years. Tracking down where the myth started is nearly impossible most of the time. The problem is that even though people do not really know where the information came from, they still believe it without even thinking about it is they trust the source that gave them the information. That is why myths are so tricky! Here at Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning we hear lots of different myths from our customers. Today we are going to bust some of the myths about upholstery cleaning.

Should You Use Hot Water when Cleaning Upholstered Furniture?

For years people have believed that one of the most effective ways to clean your upholstery is to use the hottest water that you can. Hot water is a good choice when you are cleaning other items but it is not always the best option for upholstery. Hot water is a good option for some upholstery fabrics but it may damage some fabrics. If you have velvet sofas or chair using hot water could damage the velvet. Synthetic fibers like olefin and polyester can release oily soils when hot water is used. Before you use hot water you will want to test a small, inconspicuous spot to see what happens.

Should Upholstery Cleaning Codes Be Followed?

The next myth that we want to discuss is that reading the tag on your sofa is always the best option. You may have seen tags on your furniture that tell you the fiber content of the material used on the couch. The problem with this is that many times the tags only mention the visible fibers but they do not always mention the material content of the stuffing. If you look up the fiber to decide how to clean your sofa you may end up accidentally harming the filling of your sofa. We always recommend that you test a small spot of the couch first.

Will Cleaning a Couch Mean it Will Need to Be Cleaned Again Sooner?

Another commonly believed myth is that you should not start cleaning your upholstery because then it will only make it so that you have to clean it more frequently in the future. Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning would love to know who came up with this myth! This one is completely unfounded. Cleaning your upholstery will get it clean and help your furniture last longer.

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We live in a world where google and Pinterest have led us all to believe that we can effectively do everything on our own. This is not where the myths end though. We believe that not only can we do everything ourselves, but that we will do it best. In truth do it yourself methods sometimes cause more harm than good. Some do it yourself methods are indeed fantastic but some are damaging to your belongings. Hiring Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning to clean your furniture is the best option for getting your sofas the cleanest. Give us a call today to schedule your next sofa cleaning!

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