Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary After Bugs, Wild Animals & Other Pests Get into Ductwork in Indian Wells, CA?

In order to keep the home comfortable, the ductwork is designed to deliver warm or cool air into every room depending on the season. Air ducts also make a convenient passageway for pests though these ducts are an important element to the HVAC system. Getting the ducts clean is vital to prevent serious health risks and is especially essential after eliminating a pest infestation. When it comes to pests, we at Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning would like to stress the importance of air duct cleaning once the infestation is resolved.

Pests & Wild Animals Get into Ductwork

In the seemingly secure and sealed ducts, pests are inventive and can find their own ways. Pests can get in through the very small gaps and vent openings as well as by entering through broken ducts or chew their way through flexible materials. The ducts sag, crack, or break open as the mounting equipment loosens and the house settles over time. To ensure the ducts are in good condition can get them repaired and sealed, getting a duct inspection may be necessary. especially during the cooler months when they look for warmth, the pests can used them to nest and travel because of the nature of the ducts.

Air Duct Cleaning to Remove Pest Health Hazards

Though you may believe that is enough, eliminating the pests may now stop the source of health hazards and property damage. The droppings, exoskeletons, fur, bodies and other debris are all left behind following even a minor infestation. Since they leave behind pee and poop that increases direct risks of the life-threatening hantavirus, bubonic plague, and Lassa fever, rodent infestations are particularly bad. Asthma and allergy attacks can be triggered by other pests.

Have Air Ducts Cleaned Professionally

In order to make certain the ducts are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, it is recommended that you have a company that specializes in air duct cleaning there are a few pests control companies that may offer duct cleaning. The air ducts are completely cleaned, removing all the debris with specifically designed tools and equipment. To properly clean or repair ducts, the pest control techs are not necessarily equipped.

How Do I Keep Bugs & Pests Out of My Air Vents

You want to take the time to prevent pest infestation in your home, and especially in the air ducts after the pests are cleared from the ducts and the residual mess is properly cleaned. In order to prevent their invasion without interrupting the air flow if you notice they are slipping in through the vent covers by installing a fine mesh hardware cloth inside the vents. Make certain the ducts are in good condition and properly sealed. Flexible ducts will need to properly insulate to prevent rodent infestation as well as quality pest deterrents in place to keep rats and squirrels away as well.

Air Duct Cleaning & More in Cathedral City, Indio, Riverside & Coachella Valley, California

Call Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning and let our qualified experts properly clean your air ducts to ensure all of the residual pest remnants are efficiently removed, leaving clean and sanitized air ducts if you are dealing with a pest infestation, or recently dealt with one.

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