How to Remove Dust Mites & Deep Clean Urine & Other Mattress Stains in Desert Hot Springs, CA

Often times we have mattresses for years and years they never get cleaned, not even once. Many people think a mattress only needs to be cleaned when something spills on it or someone has had an accident, but it needs more frequent cleaning because of how much you use it. Even if you have a mattress pad on your bed, the mattress will still absorb dust mites, body oils, sweat, dead skin and other residue from children and pets. Most mattresses are made with fabric that isn’t stain resistant. This makes sense since the mattress is always covered with sheets and blankets unlike carpeting. That makes it hard to remove stains from mattresses. Stains may be difficult to remove but mattresses still need to be cleaned to extract soil and disinfect the material. There are warranties that require you to have the mattress cleaned professional to keep the warranty valid.

Benefits of Having Your Mattress Cleaned

Washing your bedding and putting it all back on your bed may have you thinking that your mattress is just as clean. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even if you are diligent in keeping your bedding clean, your mattress probably contains the highest number of dust mites and dirt particles in your home. Cleaning your mattress will eliminate dust, dirt and dead skin cells. There are also other benefits that will convince you that it’s time to schedule mattress cleaning.
1. Healthy indoor air quality. We all know that it’s beneficial to get 8 hours of sleep a day. That equates to a third of your lifetime spent sleeping. That makes healthy indoor air quality in your bedroom a great reason to have your mattress cleaned. Every time you crawl into bed you stir up fine dust particles from the mattress that you then breathe in. This creates poor indoor air quality that can lead to health issues including watery eyes, eye and throat irritation, sneezing, respiratory congestion and fatigue.
2. Allergy management. Added to the health issues you may have to deal with when your mattress is dirty, you may have to deal with allergies too. Dust mites in your home live mainly in mattresses and are a common trigger for allergy issues like asthma, rhinitis and eczema. When you remove house mites and dust from your mattress you can reduce these problems. Many doctors recommend regular mattress cleaning for allergy sufferers. The more you minimize contact with allergens the lower your incidences with allergy triggers, triggers that can lead to more serious problems.
3. Peace of mind and a good nights sleep. Think about how reassuring it would be to crawl into bed knowing that your mattress is both clean and hygienic. You will have peace of mind knowing that dust particles, dead skin flakes and million of dust mites have been removed from your mattress. Your emotional well being and physical health will be well improved with a good night’s sleep too.

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Mattress cleaning isn’t likely on top of your to-do list, but it’s important. It’s a bigger job than you might think and is best left to the professionals. Contact Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning to make an appointment today!

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