Will My Wool Area Rug Ever Stop Shedding in Rancho Mirage, CA & How to Stop Fuzzing Rugs that Shed

Being completely normal and quite common, recently bought, brand-new rugs for homes and businesses alike will shed a lot. Your rugs may shed more or less than usual, depending on the material and quality of manufacturing. Nearly all types of rugs will shed for the first few months of use. When compared to more natural types, like wool and jute rugs, synthetic fibers like nylon will shed less. You can avoid it over shedding to the point where there are bald patches and there are a few ways you can stop a rug from shedding less. Below, we at Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning would like to share some tips to prevent rugs from shedding.

How Do I Stop My Wool Rug from Shedding?

You need to simply set up an area or environment that will cause less strain and pulling of the rug’s fibers to prevent or reduce the amount of shedding that comes from your rugs. Below are a few things you can do to prevent rugs from shedding in the long term.
1) Pets who roam inside the home need to have clip their nails regularly and be certain they keep off your rugs as much as possible
2) Until excessive shedding starts to disappear, vacuum every day for new rugs and then weekly.
3) This is especially important if you have young and active children in your home, place your rugs in rooms that have low foot traffic or exposure to high activity levels.
4) With dirty footwear, do not step on your rugs. This makes the rugs unclean, and the dirt can entangle your rug material fibers and cause more shedding in the long term.

Carpet Fuzzing VS Shedding

Being due to poor manufacturing and quality of the rug itself is if you find that your rugs are still shedding even after a few months of proper maintenance and vacuuming. It is best to check for warranty and contact the carpet company that supplied you the rug in these cases. Different from your regular carpet shedding, another concern you should be aware of is known as carpet fuzzing. Frequently due to a buildup of dirt and heavy foot traffic, carpet fuzzing is where the fibers in your rug have tangled up and will not release.

Are Quality Rugs a Good Investment?

If you have purchased high quality rugs that are also made of synthetic fibers. There are other natural alternatives such as Jute which happen to shed much less and still offer the natural feel, although wool is generally known to shed as it is a natural material. Known to be very durable, low maintenance, easily cleanable and vacuumed, Jute is made out of dried plant fibers. Do not want to deal with the excessive shedding that commonly comes with wool, Jute rugs are a great alternative to those wanting natural materials in their rugs.

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Albeit very common, a little bit of shedding from your rugs is inevitable. You don’t want it to get to the point where you find patches of your rug coming off and leaving bald spots, however. You will be able to maintain your rugs and enjoy them for a very long time by buying high quality rugs and regularly maintaining them in low foot traffic environments. For your rug maintenance services, call Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning and let our professionals assist you.

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