How Do You Remove Gum, Red Wine, Mud & Other Stubborn Carpet Stains in La Quinta, CA?

We have all been eating our favorite food and dripped sauce down the front of your shirt. This can be annoying but the great thing is that you can take the shirt off, treat it and toss it in the wash. If the stain does not come out you can always go out and buy a new shirt. When it comes to your carpet and there is a stain you have to work to clean it off. If you are not able to clean the stain you can’t just toss it in the wash or remove the spot and buy a new one. To replace your carpet is a much larger deal and takes a lot of effort and cost. It is best to have ways to clean hard to treat stains that can commonly show up on your carpets. Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning lists ways to clean some hard to treat stains on your carpet.

How to Remove Gum from Carpet?

One of the hardest to remove spots and stains that can occur on your carpets is gum. Maybe you have a child that is chewing gum in the house and when they are done set it down. You also could have gum in your shoe and not recognize until it is stuck the carpeting. Gum may seem impossible to remove but there is a proper technique that you can use. The gum is sticky and will become attached to the carpet fibers. The best way to remove the gum is to make sure that it is hard. You want to start with ice that has been placed in a ziplock bag. Then you want to lay the bag over the gum so that it has time to freeze the gum and make it hard. Once the gum has been hardened you can pick away at the pieces that are attached to the carpet. You can repeat the process until the gum has been removed. Then do a simple cleaning with warm water and simple soap.

How Do You Get Old Red Wine Stains Out of Carpet?

Having a glass of red wine at the end of the day or with your dinner can be enjoyable for most. The problem is when you spill some of that red wine and it hits the carpet. The red coloring of the wine can be difficult to treat but if you work fast it can be done. You want to have club soda on hand and use it to cover the stain. This will help to activate the red wine so that when you press a clean cloth it will pull it away from the carpet. You can repeat the process again if it is needed. Be sure that you work quickly when the stain is fresh.

Does Mud Come Out of Carpet?

Another type of stain that you have to potentially deal with is mud. This can come in from your dog as they come in the dog door. It can also be on shoes that were out in the yard. You want to make sure that you know the best method is to let the mud dry out. Working with wet mud will only spread the mess out further. You want to let the mud dry so that you have dirt left and you can pick up larger chunks. Then use a vacuum to remove as much debris as possible. Lastly you want to use a clean cloth and mild cleaning solution to remove left over residue.

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