How Do You Remove Fresh Spills & Set In Coffee Stains from Carpet & Area Rugs in Cathedral City, CA?

There seems to be more and more options for people that love coffee. You can of course hit the road and stop often and see a coffee shop that you can get your favorite drink to start the day. There are lots of people that want to enjoy their coffee at home and the great thing is that you have options for that as well. You can always go with the old school coffee pot that makes your favorite standard brew. You can also go with a fancy machine that creates a more unique single serve cup in many flavors and styles. Whatever type of coffee you choose you likely want to sit and enjoy it at home at some point. Although this is a way to relax and get you started for a day it also can be a problem if the coffee cup is dropped on the carpet. Now you might have a mess that you have to try and clean when you are running behind already. It is a good idea to have a plan on how best to clean a coffee spill in your home. Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning outlines how to get dry or wet coffee stains out of your carpet.

Are Dried Coffee Stains Permanent?

The first thing that happens when you spill your coffee is to think about whether you have time to stick around to clean it up. Often enough the coffee is the last thing on the list as you are walking out the door. That could mean that you don’t have time to stay around and you have to get to it when you arrive home. Unfortunately the spill will have hardened and dried out. This means that you will need to go at the stain in a different way. You want to loosen up the dried coffee and you can do that by using warm water to soak the area. The warm water should be left for several minutes then use a clean cloth to dab at the area. Once it has been loosened up you can use a detergent that you should make at home. Mix a small bowl of warm water measuring about two cups then mix in baking soda measuring about one tablespoon. You can apply this is the area then use a clean cloth to press over the area. This will pull the coffee stain up and away from the carpet fibers.

How Do You Get a Wet Coffee Stain Out?

If you are lucky enough to have time to treat the spill right as it happens then the process can be easier to handle. The first thing is to take a dry clean cloth and press it over the area. The pressing will pull the wet liquid up and into the cloth. You want to rotate the rag and continue but be sure that you are not rubbing the area which will only spread the stain out further. Then you can use the same cleaning material to ensure that any leftover residue has been cleaned off the carpet fibers.

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