How Do You Clean Carpets & Get Ranch Dressing Stains Out of Carpet in Desert Hot Springs, CA?

This time of year in particular, many homeowners indulge in ranch dressing and/or dips. For main dishes or a condiment used for veggies, chips, and other dipping foods it is a prime dipping sauce. This delicious food is made of an assortment of herbs and spices along with mayonnaise, garlic, salt, buttermilk, and onions since it is commonly used at meals, parties, BBQs, and get-togethers. Used in conjunction with ranch dressing or dip are the celery, carrots salads, chicken wings, fried chicken, pizza, and chips in their assortment are all classic favorites. The odds of ranch dip landing on your carpet are incredibly high with such a list of fan foods and with the extra food related activities the summer has. Because it can be very difficult to remove and can set into a stain quickly, one of the worst places for ranch dressing to land on, is carpets. The overall appearance of any room is brought down since having stains accumulate on your carpets will make them look unsightly. We at Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss a method on how you can remove that ranch dip or dressing from off of your carpet.

What Do I Need to Remove Ranch Stains from Carpet?

You will need the following tools and equipment:
– Preferred Commercial Carpet Stain Cleaner
– Non-Bleach Laundry Detergent
– Squirt Bottle
– Plain White Paper Towels
– Few Clean White Cloths
– Dry White Towel
– Blunt Edged Tool (Spoon, Spatula, or Butter knife)
– 32 ounces of Warm Water

Can Ranch Dressing Stained Carpet Be Cleaned?

1) With your blunt instrument of choice, treat the spill immediately and start by scooping the surface goop. Avoid smashing the ranch dressing in the carpet or spreading it out further, so be careful. As you go, wipe off the remnants into your paper towel(s).
2) perform a patch test in an inconspicuous location to make sure it will not compromise the carpet, no matter if you use our above concoction or a sore-bought carpet stain remover. Follow the directions printed on the label if you opt for the store-bought cleaner.
Combine the warm water and non-bleach laundry detergent and mix well if you chose to you use the DIY solution. Being cautious not to over saturate, apply moderately to the spill.
3) Allow the solution to sit on the spot for at least 5 minutes, to permit the ranch dressing properties to break down, and make cleanup easier. This will higher the success of the removal.
4) To avoid letting the stain spread out, to blot the outer edges first and work your way to the center with a damp clean white cloth. Since it will not lift the stain and only make it worse, avoid any rubbing or scrubbing.
5) Use dry paper towels to absorb any excess moisture after spot is efficiently removed. Blot the area dry with a clean, white towel after spraying pure water to the area. While removing any lingering cleaner residues off the fibers, this ensures the area is dry.

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Especially if it has had an opportunity to sit in for a period of time, ranch can be hard to remove. Call the specialists of Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning and let our team get your carpets clean and stain free if you have any ranch dip or any other stains.

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