Deep Cleaning to Remove Dead Skin, Bacteria & More that Live in Your Mattress in Coachella, CA

As you look around your home there are some things you use on an extremely regular basis and other items that just get used here and there. The items you use routinely need regular maintenance and care to stay in excellent working condition for you. Here at Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning we love helping our customers take care of some of the things that you use each and every day. Carpet, furniture, and mattresses are our specialties. You use each of them items each and every day. But do you adequately maintain them? We have found that many people do an outstanding job of keeping their carpet and furniture clean but they do not always do the same with their mattresses. Today we are going to talk about what might live in your mattress if you do not take care of it properly.

How Much Dead Skin is in a Mattress?

Every night as you sleep you shed dead skin cells. Studies have shown that the average human sheds about 500 million skin cells per day. Many of these are lost as you sleep. Think of all of the skin cells that are piling up on your mattress? As these skin cells sit on your mattress microbes will come and use them as a food source.
Another thing that your body does each and every day is produce sweat. The amount of sweat that you provide varies from person to person. It is estimated that humans produce up to 26 gallons of sweat while you are sleeping in your bed every year. If you are sharing the bed with your husband that is up to 52 gallons of sweat that are being produced in your bed each and every year. Fungi and bacteria use the heat from your body and the sweat you produce to grow.

Bacteria on Mattress

Your body also produces different types of bacteria. Skin, oral, intestinal, fecal, and genital bacteria can all find their way into your mattress as you sleep. We are sure that it does not sound appealing to sleep on all of these bacteria every night.

Is My Mattress Toxic?

In addition to the dead skin cells, sweat, and bacteria that are found in your mattress there are many other things that like to take up residence in your mattress. Your mattress, bed sheets, and other covers all have finishing agents on them. Some of these can be harmful to your health. Cleaning your mattress can help get rid of these chemicals.

Mattress Stains

Many people eat in their bedrooms. Frequently people eat in their rooms while they are sitting or laying in bed. If you spill crumbs or liquids in your bed it provides food for bacteria and other microorganisms to eat. The crumbs in your bed are frequently so small that you do not even notice that they are there but bacteria and microorganisms will be able to find them. Last on our list today is cosmetics. The lotions, creams, makeup, and hair products that you use will find their way onto your mattress as you sleep. Over time this will build up and stain your mattress. Having us clean your mattress will take care of these stains.

Deep Mattress Cleaning & More in Cathedral City, Indio, Riverside, Coachella Valley, California

If reading this information has your skin crawling it is time to give Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning a call. We can come out and get your mattress cleaned soon so that your mattress will be nice and clean the next time that you get into bed. Contact us for all your cleaning and restoration needs!

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