Carpet Cleaning Solution Hacks in Lake Elsinore, CA to Remove Gum, Wax & Red Wine Stains

When it comes to your home and the best way to take care of things many people turn to the internet. It has revolutionized how people discover ways to care for things. It is so widespread that there is a term that is attached to it called a hack. A hack is usually an idea or plan on how to do something that makes it easier and more efficient. When it comes to cleaning your carpets there are lots of messes you are sure to come across. The problem is that many of them need a very specific cleaning method to ensure that they are removed and cleaned off the carpet. If you use the wrong method it can actually end up setting the stain in. The great thing is that there are hacks on ways to get some of the hard to treat stains and spots off your carpet. Palm Springs Carpet Cleaning lists hacks to clean stains and spots off your carpets.

How to Remove Gum & Sticky Candy on Carpet

One of the hardest to deal with spots on your carpet come from the sticky candies or gum that gets stuck on the carpet. You might be out walking around and step on someone’s chewed up gum. When you step on the gum it can stick to your shoe. Then when you walk in the house you might bring it to the carpet. Then you have a mess on the carpet that has to be treated. The great thing is that you can use a freezing method to remove the sticky mess. The hack is to get a bag that zips shut and fill it up with ice. Then take the bag and lay it over the gum or candy. This will cause the area to freeze which then allows you to be able to pick the gum off the carpet. When it is a solid mass and not sticky you can chip it away from the carpet.

How to Get Wax Out of Carpet

The best way to bring some aroma into your home is to use a wax heater. The wax is usually infused into the wax and when it melts down the aroma will fill the house. The aroma is a great way to add some flavor to your home. The problem is that when you have hot wax around the house it can sometimes be bumped into and spill. If you are unlucky enough to get wax on the carpet you need a hack to get it out. The hack is to get your clothes iron out without steam. Then use a paper bag to lay over the wax and run the iron on the bag. This will reheat the wax and pull it from the carpet and onto the bag. Then you can just toss the bag in the trash and you’re done.

Cleaning Stubborn Red Wine Carpet Stains

Having a dinner party with some friends is a great way to entertain and have some fun. When you are serving red wine it can be spilled on the carpet creating a stain. The red wine needs to be treated right away. One of the hacks that you can use is to have white wine on the area. The white wine dilutes the color and allows you the ability to blot at it and pull it off the carpet.

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